The Emblem


The emblem of the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and the Wines of Alba recalls the ancient emblem of the city of Alba which is composed by  the four Evangelists’ symbols  represented in sequence also on the front of the Cathedral and whose respective initials form the name ALBA:

A the Angel of Matthew

L  the Lion of Mark,

B the Ox (Bue in italian) of Luke

A  the Eagle (Acquila in italian) of John

Around the ancient emblem is reported the name of the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba. This choice is due to the deep attachment to the city by the Grand Founder of the Order Luciano Degiacomi who, lover of Langhe, first had the desire to "enhance [...] them to make them known, to give life to aspects and possibilities left in shadow. [...] Thus, on February 22nd 1967, in a tiny trattoria of Grinzane Cavour, a food and wine confraternity [...] was born with the main purpose of strengthening or even creating a refined conscience of good food, through a revival of the area's cuisine. "(Confidenze di un Gran Maestro, page 8, 10, Luciano Degiacomi, 1972)