Hong Kong Delegation

In 2006, with the Grand Master Alfredo Boratto and thanks to the Knight (and Master of the Delegation until 2018) John Dibble, the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba established the first Asian delegation named HONG KONG DELEGATION.

The Master of the Delegation is the knight JEAN CHARLES VIENS.

Email address: hkmaster@cavalierideltartufo.it

2020 EVENTS:
Tuesday 14th january - Epure, Hong Kong - 63rd CHAPTER

Wednesday 27th may Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong - 66th SPRING CHAPTER

Monday 20th july Hong Kong - 67th CHAPTER

Saturday 15th august Hong Kong - 68th SUMMER CHAPTER

Monday 19th october Hong Kong - 69th CHAPTER

Friday 6th november Hong Kong - 70th CHAPTER OF THE WHITE TRUFFLE OF ALBA

Anyone who has a love and interest for wine, truffles and the landscape of this area can apply to become a member of the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba. 

The application and curriculum vitae should be filled in and sent to the Order by e-mail addressed to: segreteria@cavalierideltartufo.it.

Download the application form >> application-form-to-become-knight-2019.pdf

Download the cv >> curriculum-per-ordine-dei-cavalieri-2019-eng.pdf