Habitat and Hunt


The ideal environment for the White Truffle of Alba (Tuber Magnatum Pico) is oak woodland, but it can also be found along the banks of streams or ditches populated by willows and poplars, in gardens and in avenues of linden trees.
Clearly the soil needs to be right: calcareous or clayey calcareous soil with silica is ideal.
Altitude is also important: they are few and far between over 600-700 metres.
However, the truffle is unpredictable: it can grow anywhere it finds a compatible tree root system, even in a vineyard if a willow or oak post has taken root thanks to nature’s infinite resources.
Maybe the best terrain of all though, full of pleasant surprises, is where it is damp and there is plenty of vegetation and little exposure to the sun.
The province of Cuneo is a truffle-growing environment par excellence, extending south from the hills of the Roero on the edge of the plains on which the city of Turin stands, to the areas around the towns of Mondovì and Ceva.

Most notable of all, however, are the Langa and Roero: a sea of hills where harsh, wild landscapes alternate with more gentle slopes tamed by man.
Picturesque panoramas characterized by woods and vines, crags and rocks, bell towers and castles.
Ranges of hills which have a natural meeting place in Alba, their capital.
Because Alba has always meant the market, the fair. For the truffle too.