Barbera d’Alba


Considered highly prestigious today, Barbera d’Alba is renowned for its outstanding versatility and lush freshness

Considered as evidence and almost an architect itself of the history and winegrowing culture of old Piedmont, the Barbera vine was planted widely in the hills of the Langa around the mid-1800s due to its hardiness and good yields. Now it is growing over an area stretching around Alba from the left to the right of the River Tanaro, resulting in markedly different characteristics depending on the hill where the wine is growing: some Barberas are more ready-drinking, while others are more suited to ageing.

VParticularly appreciated for its penetrating, fragrant bouquet, Barbera is a wine with a good body and medium alcohol (minimum 11.5% by law).

After at least one year of ageing, its lively ruby red colour is very intense, taking on garnet nuances with the passing of the years. Recently it has been enjoying a new period of popularity, due above-all to the attention that local producers are dedicating to this wine.

Awarded with the “Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin” status by Presidential Decree on the 27th May 1970.