Roero, a designation which is synonymous with excellence, reserved for red wines made from Nebbiolo grapes grown on the hills to the left of the River Tanaro

The “Roero” denomination is reserved for red wines made from Nebbiolo grapes (minimum 95%) in 19 communes on the left bank of the River Tanaro – the area known as the Roero – near Alba, in the province of Cuneo. The remaining 5% by vol. can be made up of non-aromatic white wine grapes grown in Piedmont.

More or less bright ruby red, with garnet nuances on ageing, it has a delicate, fruity and fragrant scent with a characteristic, ethereal bouquet when aged.

A silky, dry, well-balanced wine, with its full body and lingering taste, it is recommended with stewed, boiled and roast meat, typical dishes of Piedmont, and of course it is excellent with truffle-based dishes.

Awarded with the “Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin” status by Presidential Decree on 20th April 1994.