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Singapore Delegation

The Singapore Delegation  was born on November 24th, 2022 in Singapore under the guidance of Master Roland Muksch.

The Master of the Singapore Delegation

Roland Muksch, Knight since 2016

email: singapore.master@cavalierideltartufo.it

Follow the Delegation’s activity on the Instagram page

Ang Jackie

Bruce Nigel J

Casati Gianfranco

Chan Esther

Cheng Cindy

Chua Peter

Chui Mun Yew

De Villemor Salgado Claudio

De Vito Giuseppe

Dussault Eric

Fourdan Anna

Fourdan Jean Francois

Ho Kevin

Koh Wee Leong

Lau Belinda

Lee Chia Lin

Low Priscilla

Muksch Roland

Pallesi Giacomo

Pusterla Mauro

Ramchandran Ananth

Singh Malavika

Sperindio Daniele

Thean   Kenneth

Scheduled events

Singapore Delegation
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