107 labels from Albese have become part of the 48th Selection of Great Wines from Albese, which from this year also includes flavored wines. The Tasting Commission chaired for the second year by Mauro Carosso, President of AIS Piemonte, awarded the Producers of the 68 Wineries included in the prestigious and historic Selection during the 310th Chapter  which, on Saturday 16 September at the Castle of Grinzane Cavour, marked the beginning of the autumn season for the Order’s activities.

It was an excellent edition – says the Grand Master, Tomaso Zanoletti -. The ever-increasing number of wineries participating in the Selection and the high quality of the wines presented give great satisfaction to our Order and, once again, confirm the foresight of the promoters who in 1975 launched with growing success the initiative dedicated to the producers of the Territory. This year aromatized wines and vermouths have been added, making the examiners’ task even more difficult and challenging.”

The Tasting Commission, in addition to the president Carosso, includes the sommeliers Giancarlo Germano, Rosalba Rolando, the Master of the Ruling Council Ugo Venturino and the oenologist Matteo Monchiero.


During the 310th Chapter, the Grand Master appointed five new Knight Postulants including the Producers Marco Porello of the Porello Winery in Canale and Savio Daniele of the Le Strette Winery in Novello. Receiving the Collar of Honorary Knight was Professor Donato Lanati, defined as an “oenologist-scientist”, founder of Enosis Meraviglia, a prestigious wine consultancy and applied research centre, winner of the Oscar for Success for Scientific Oenology, who gave a speech from title “The origins of the vine and wine”. According to archaeologists, the oldest toast dates back to over 8 thousand years ago and was made in what is now Georgia. And it is precisely in the Caucasus State that Professor Lanati has been carrying out an intense consultancy activity for some time, in addition to those in Italy and many other countries.

“From the regions of the Caucasus, the spread of the vine through the Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans accompanied the greatest ancient civilizations” recalled Lanati.

The Chapter concluded with an aperitif and dinner hosted by the Castle’s chef, Alessandro Mecca. All the wines in the selection are available in the display of the Enoteca Regionale Piemontese Cavour and on the website at http://ecommerce.castellogrinzane.com , which presents a new graphic design.

The Order’s activity is constantly evolving and exciting even abroad, where the Lithuanian Delegation in Vilnius was established on 7 September. On 23 September, however, the London Delegation will be established.

“At the end of this year, there will be six new foreign delegations launched by the Order in 2023 – underlines Grand Master Zanoletti -. A sign of great international attention which makes us proud and which allows us to increasingly pursue our objective, which is to raise awareness and promote the food and wine excellence of the Langhe and Roero”.

On Sunday 15 October at the Grinzane Cavour Castle the Knights will welcome 10 Masters of the foreign Delegations (there are 13 in total), who will meet in the Langhe for an annual meeting which will end, after two days of tour among the UNESCO Heritage hills, with the 311 ° Chapter of the harvest, the first of the season dedicated to the Tuber Magnatum Pico.


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