Every year, the International Alba White Truffle Fair renews itself and addresses a contemporary issue, providing its visibility to engage in the most topical debates of the moment.

“L’Alba del futuro” is the payoff of the 93rd edition of the event, coming at a time when much is being discussed about youth, future prospects, new technologies and sustainability.

The Pandemic we have been through, the ongoing war, as well as the international geopolitical balances have all contributed to create a climate of uncertainty, at times of bewilderment, leading to the perception of an increasingly bleak future that has generated concern and anxiety especially among the younger generations.

At the same time, all the technology that has pervaded our lives has become increasingly intrusive, providing us with extraordinary tools to improve many day-to-day activities, but affecting our habits and behaviour in a way that could lead to alienation.

The challenge of Artificial Intelligence is a new piece of technological progress that divides the scientific community itself, and has raised doubts, as well as risks, among those people who have dedicated their lives to developing it…

In this global context, human beings, particularly those who are witnessing the contrasts of the more developed western society, are increasingly questioning their future and are facing increasing pressure from the new generations who no longer want to passively watch their destiny being handed down by adults.

Climate change, environmental and social sustainability, wealth distribution and social equity are some of the issues that have stimulated a global debate among Generation Z to whom, rather awkwardly, the Boomer generation is trying to provide answers, with the Millennials in between.

It is a difficult dialogue not only because of lexical or semantic issues, but also because of differences in values and skills: it is the first time in modern times that there is no longer a transfer of know-how and experience in the labour field between parents and children, essentially because of the speed with which skills and ways to enhance them are changing. Technology is disrupting the labour market, timing, profiles and types of professions.

The speed of these changes, the decline of political ideologies and the weakening of religious beliefs, especially in the western world, is creating bewilderment, especially among those who actually have to write the future: young people.

But the need for transcendence is inherent in human beings, as is the need to believe in order to feel reassured: the search for references and certainties keeps us alive and reassures us.

There is a new need for humanity and territoriality, there is a re-discovery of nature and how important the earth is for what it can give us and for the possibility of putting down roots that it offers us.

In a technological era that confronts us with experiences between fiction and reality, with epochal changes in a very short time, uprooting us from habits and beliefs, the human being goes back to atavistic landmarks: the earth, where roots sink in and from which life is born.

If future holds many uncertainties, then earth will be one of the certainties of the future: this is the ‘leitmotiv’ of the 93rd edition of the International Alba White Truffle Fair. Truffle that is born and grows in the earth, the same land that gives us great wines and great products, offspring of the material and immaterial culture that has made the territory of Langhe Monferrato and Roero a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the most important food and wine tourism destinations in the world.

These are the insights that we would like to share and develop during the event, by addressing in particular the new generations that we want to reach through their own language and tools.

In the Langa land we will talk about Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality, Metaverse, and future ways of tourist fruition of the territories in between fiction and reality.

What will the “Alba del futuro” be? We will focus on this issue, trying to raise the debate to a global level with a constant interplay between land and territory and new technological frontiers such as artificial intelligence. We will ask ourselves if Langhe Monferrato and Roero can be a benchmark for the future and what actions can be taken to preserve “Mother Earth”, to protect its “sacredness” as a reference point for future generations.

It is a major challenge that we want to tackle from 6th October 2023.

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