The theme of the 91st edition of the International Alba White Truffle Fair focuses on the “green” shift, environmental protection, climate change and sustainability.

The Fair has always valued and promoted the Tuber magnatum Pico, the fruit of the earth: its very existence and harvesting, year by year, are increasingly conditioned by climate change. For the same reasons, considering the delay of the truffle season, the organizers decided to postpone the event by a week and schedule the opening of the 91st edition on 9th October, running until 5th December.

“Connected to nature” – this is the theme for the 2021 edition aiming to combine the central role of food and wine with the contemporary challenge of sustainability. Over the last few years, the media exposure of wine and food worldwide has taken a virtuous path that focuses on ethics and sustainability as key concepts in a truly humanistic revolution, in a “green” perspective, boosted by the fame of great chefs and the spotlight that this particular sector is able to attract. A new trend, which will be marked by a decisive turning point that will address the most contemporary issues, such as environmental protectionclimate change and sustainability, also from a social point of view.

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