Luciano De Giacomi – REPRINT 2007 — Euro 20,00


This is a diary of the early years of the Grinzane confraternity, based on the experiences of the Grand Master through 23 Chapters between 1967 and 1971. In his preface De Giacomi writes: “This book is down to the pen of Armando Monte, who was able to coax me into telling him confidences I am reluctant by nature to reveal, and manage to decipher my impossible notes. He had convinced me that the opportunity to jot down my idle talk illustrating the food and wine element of the various Chapters organized by the Order of the Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba was too good to miss. The result is this book, with the first part dedicated to personal confidences listened to with the heartfelt affection of a friend, while the second focuses on the Chapters and the Order’s other food and wine initiatives. Plus a list of the dishes and wines, and a summary of the introductions I gave every time are given for each event”. The recipes follow of seventy-five local dishes, with their wine pairings.


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