Alfonso Ciccarello – anastatic ed. 1976 text 1567 – Euro 16.00 – Out of print


This “Pamphlet on Truffles” by Alfonso Ciccarello, a doctor from Bevagna in Umbria, represents a minor scientific scoop for the Knights. In his preface, Arturo Ceruti, professor at Turin University and director of the Botanical Garden and of the Centre of Mycology at C.N.R., writes: “Only two years ago I was presenting the Count of Borch’s book on the truffles of Piedmont to the public as the first on the subject. Then my friend Luciano de Giacomi managed – I know not how or when – to track down this small volume published in 1564 which had previously been completely unknown to mycologists. It is a fascinating booklet, because it records everything which was known at the time about these singular fungi, which decorated and filled the rich tables of our forefathers with their scent. The author provides his personal observations, records information gathered from his contemporaries, and includes an enormous number of quotes, many of which proved however to exist only in his vivid imagination. His reasoning is always coherent and convincing though, and is almost always consistent with modern thinking”.


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