Luciano De Giacomi – Giuseppe A. Lodi – ed. 1982 – Out of print



Luciano De Giacomi’s previous work, “Confidences of a Grand Master”, which brought together the most important recipes of the Langa, had become out of print. So it was decided to bring out this book dedicated to his grandmother, Eugenia De Marchi (1864-1950). As De Giacomi explains: “For years I had referred to my grandma Genia when talking about food. My memories of the beginning of my life as a young gourmet were – and are – sentimentally associated with her, while a further dimension was added by the experience I accrued alongside my father Ugo, when he put his skills to use for grandpa Antonio, proprietor of the “Cannon d’Oro” hotel in Alba. So it is in her memory that this book is named, as a universal symbol of the lost paradises of childhood and country life: the early roots of the interest in food that we have resurrected and championed over all these years of work, along with our wines.

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