Michel-Jean De Borch – anastatic ed. 1974 text 1780 – Out of print



Count De Borch (1751-1810) was of Polish origin, but his love for studying nature led him to visit the south of France, Switzerland and Italy, travelling as far as Sicily and Malta. He came to Alba and the Monferrato in 1780, during a stay in Piedmont. His was the first book to speak about the truffle of Alba. De Borch was neither a scientist nor a researcher, but he loved travelling and observing: his keen interest in botany led him to be the first to declare that truffles were fungi, and not tubers as had previously been believed. With his “Letters on the truffles of Piedmont”, printed in Milan, he opened the scientific era of these products of nature which would be studied only a few years later by the Piedmontese Pico (1788), and then by the Lombardy mycologist Vittadini (1831), as Ceruti rightly notes in his preface.


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