di Lorenzo Tablino – Measuring 24 x 31 – 188 pages – Euro 30.00

Lorenzo Tablino’s descriptions of the personalities and traditions of the Langa, Roero and Monferrato are the result of painstaking research through which the Author gives us a glimpse into an uncertain, poverty-stricken world seeking a brighter future. Not just a pleasant read, this is an extremely precise cultural-historic commentary relating local figures ranging from members of the Royal House of Savoy to the poorest of farm labourers, from the eager specialist workers in the first wine plants to astute brokers in search of deals, from the young post-war winemakers on a mission to the administrators setting out to guarantee the development of the area. Getting to know them and identifying with their struggles and aspirations – often frustrated – helps the reader to appreciate the values and affluent lifestyle they helped to create. Today we consider these to be our right, but understanding the trials and tribulations of the past can help to make our desperate quest for a more measured way of life easier to achieve.




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